Archtecture / Gallery + Shop / 2016


工事種別:内外装 新築
床面積:外部/1150㎡(うちトイレ25.92㎡) 内部/140㎡
カフェの客席数:4席 + ベンチ
サインデザイン:hokkyok 藤井北斗

A shop and gallery of the porcelain of Hasami Town in Nagasaki, Japan.
「My client runs a shop and gallery of the famous Saikai porcelain of Hasami Town in Nagasaki, Japan.
My question when working on this project was: ‘What can I do which can only be done with this client?’ The answer was a total revamp of the internal and external structure while realizing the spirits of the artists using the materials of Saikai porecelain.A new entrance was built to improve passage to the shop located on the B1 floor. Built in a wall of a storage space on the 1F, a large staircase and elevator guides visitors to the shop space, which consumes both floors. A roofed-patio with restroom was placed on the outisde where markets and workshops can take place to promote the porcelain.Remnants of the porcelain artistry can be seen throughout the structure. The white cases called ‘boshi’, found near the counter and walls, were used for firing up the pottery in the old days. The lamps and signs throughout the structure were also created using porcelain. The roof of the main structure resembles that of a typical old factory found throughout this area. The floor contains pieces of porcelain which were mixed into the concrete.

Location: Hasami-cho, Higashi-sonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture, Zip 859-3701
Opening: July 1st, 2016
Design: Kei Harada, DO.DO.
Floor Area: Indoors 140㎡, Outdoors 1150㎡ (Including 25.92㎡ Restroom)
Coffee Seating: 4 seating + bench
Sign Design : hokkyok Hokuto Fujii
Photo : Takumi Ota