Archtecture / Residence + Office / 2015


敷地面積:51.64㎡. 延床面積:111.56㎡. 構造:木造
1F/オフィス、ガレージ 2F/住居 3F/ルーフガーデン
設計/株式会社 ドド 原田圭

Photo by Kazutaka Fujimoto


Designed for husband and wife, this residence sits in a small plot of land in Tokyo and consists of three stories including a rooftop garden. The ground floor comprises of a work space for the husband, a graphic designer, and a small gallery space. The two rooms are separated by a movable partition. The second floor comprises of a boxed-shaped living room which has a spiral staircase leading to a rooftop garden. The husband, who is a cat-owner, hoped his house to be creative both for his work and cat, and my aim was to create a comfortable living space in this busy district of Tokyo.

Koto-ku ,Nishi Oshima, Tokyo
Site area: 51.64 m². Total floor space: 111.56㎡.
Structure: Timber
1F / Office, Garage 2F / Residence 3F / Roof Garden

Design / Kei Harada
Cooperation / Kazuki Yoshimura.
Construction / dia-corporation (person in charge Uehara Masanori)